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PDB Helpdesk: Printing Thai Fonts
By Thiravudh Khoman

Re: Glenn Stallard's problems printing Thai fonts (Post Database Helpdesk, August 25, 1999). At work, whenever we have problems printing Thai to our laser printer, I always try two things: a) print True Type fonts as bitmaps, or b) reduce the print driver's resolution setting from 600 to 300 dpi. Since reader Stallard has already tried a), he might try reducing his printer's resolution down a step. Perhaps the DS-Maithai font has problems printing at his new HPDJ 710c's higher resolution.

Unfortunately, the above steps don't always work, especially with non-localized applications. Corel Draw 7, for example, doesn't work well with either the standard "xxx NEW" or "xxx UPC" fonts. Rather, it is best used with the so-called "DS-" or "JS-" family of Thai fonts (these don't come with Windows, but can be obtained from Panthip Plaza on old Petchburi Road). Adobe Photoshop 5, meanwhile, requires Thai fonts especially customized for the program. Thus, tip c) is to try other fonts. Alas, there is no tip d) since not all non-localized applications can be made to work with Thai correctly.

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