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PDB Helpdesk: Dial-Up Networking v1.3
By Thiravudh Khoman

Re: "Puzzled's" problems with his/her internet connection (Helpdesk, 12-Apr-2000), another possible solution is to install or upgrade to Dial-Up Networking (DUN) v1.3. This is the latest version for Windows 95 (not Windows 98!) and may be downloaded most efficiently from Microsoft's FTP site at ftp.microsoft.com/softlib/mslfiles/msdun13.exe. The file is 2.3mb in size and is merely executed to install the upgrade.

I recently performed a fresh install of Windows 95 on a Celeron-class computer (twice) and ran into problems with frequent line disconnects (both times). This problem didn't crop up immediately, but showed up after some newer applications (perhaps Internet Explorer v5.0) were installed. My guess is that these apps installed some newer system files which weren't compatible with older components. My problem went away immediately after DUN v1.3 was installed.

While this might not be THE solution to "Puzzled's" problems, it's worth a try and certainly a less drastic option than re-installing one's operating system, a suggestion which, in my opinion, seems to be offered more often than it should be in recent Helpdesks.

And frankly, I've always been puzzled (sic) why pseudonyms are necessary on HelpDesk. This isn't Postbag after all, where pseudonyms are used with impunity. It was also a pity "Puzzled" couldn't provide an email address - he/she could have received "same-day service" from more than one source.

Copyright © 2000, Thiravudh Khoman